MHS on Roller Skates!

Last week, 200 MHS children, teachers, staff, and family members traveled by city bus to Chez Vous roller-skating rink in Dorchester. What followed was a morning full of nervous anticipation, (more than a few) falls, some tears, and a whole lot of excitement, pride, accomplishment, and joy.

Enjoy the slide show!

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Wellness Wednesdays

On Wednesdays at Mission Hill School, every student participates in an hour-long activity with an emphasis on wellness. Activities are offered as choices for children to pick from, and rotate on a six-week schedule.

Healthy Snacks and Double Dutch Jump Rope are two popular choices.

Wellness Wednesdays evolved from many conversations amongst members of the school community, who felt a responsibility to educate young people about healthy food options, food preparation, fitness, and emotional well-being. With the help of a generous grant from Brigham and Women’s Hospital through the Mission Hill Youth Collaborative, the school offers a variety of classes to all students. Offerings range from Latin dance, tennis, yoga, double dutch jumprope, and physical education, to healthy snack preparation, sexual education (for grades 6, 7, & 8), and a conflict resolution group called Peacemakers.

Middle School students participate in Salsa lessons.

The goal of the program is to expand educational experience by providing a broad range of activities that promote physical, emotional and social well-being.