Building the Forbidden City…With Blocks!

If you have visited MHS recently, you may have noticed a hive of activity in the first floor hall  outside of the Family Resource Room. Groups of children color in a large replica mural of the 9 Dragon Wall, while others paste small Chinese and African-themed drawings and pictures under the appropriate letter on the newly-created Wall of Words.

When you make your way into room 101, you are met with a  colorful variety of books, maps, and objects all   sharing the same African and Chinese themes. And in the middle of all of this, stands the central focus of the student work: a large, scale model of Beijing China’s Forbidden City.Welcome to Malindi’s Journey: The Forbidden City Project, an interdisciplinary, global elementary school project, created by former MHS teacher and BPS New Teacher Developer, Alicia Carroll. The Forbidden City Project focuses on the study of the Forbidden City during the Ming Dynasty. Ms. Carroll developed the project as a vehicle for standards-based learning in a range of academic disciplines in the classroom.

For the next month, Ms. Carroll and a support team of artists, former MHS students, and para professionals will lead students through the task of building the Forbidden City model. Ms. Carroll will work with students in grades K-5 and families of students are welcome to join in the fun!

There is a website devoted to Malindi’s Journey: The Forbidden City Project at Mission Hill School, which describes the entire project in detail. Visit it to read about the extensive curriculum, learn more about the people involved, and see a slideshow documenting the progression of the project. Click to Visit the Malindi’s Journey Website.

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