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There has been a great deal of buzz about MHS lately. Books have been written about us, our teacher leadership model has been highlighted on several occasions, and a four-year long film project will culminate in a nationally-aired documentary in the fall.

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New England Cable News Network (NECN) met up with our two grade 3/4 classrooms last week, on their annual visit to The Farm School. The segment focused on the deep relationship MHS shares with The Farm School and aired on television Tuesday, May 6, 2014.

Learning Matters, an organization who airs news stories on PBS News Hour, spent the day filming and speaking with Ayla and MHS teachers about teacher leadership for a new campaign Teacher Powered Schools. The piece will be aired nationally during the last week of May (date and time TBA).

Jenerra Williams, Kathy D'Andrea, and Nakia Keizer are interviewed by John Tulenko of Learning Matters for PBS News Hour.

Jenerra Williams, Kathy D’Andrea, and Nakia Keizer are interviewed by John Tulenko of Learning Matters for PBS News Hour.







Good Morning Mission Hill (GMMH) was recently accepted as a submission to the National Education Television Association. The hour-long documentary about MHS was created by filmmakers Tom and Amy Valens.  Based on the year that Tom and Amy spent filming the school, GMMH picks up where the ten-part video series, A Year at Mission Hill, left off. GMMH will air on a variety of PBS stations, nationwide in the fall of 2014.

Democracy & Education, an education journal, recently published a favorable review of former MHS teacher Matthew Knoester’s book, Democratic Education in Practice: Inside the Mission Hill School.


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