Mission Hill School is a democratically-run school directed by principal Ayla Gavins. Ms. Gavins and a group of core faculty members are responsible for all major curriculum, staffing, and scheduling decisions.

The MHS Governance Board is a site-governing body made up of representatives from four constituencies: the family council, the faculty council, student body, and the community sector. The board meets quarterly, and makes decisions by the majority of each constituency. The responsibilities of the board include:

  • Selection, supervision, and evaluation of the principal (with the Superintendent having final approval)
  • Setting and maintaining the school mission
  • Approval of the annual staffing and budget plan presented by the staff

The Family Council consists of every parent, caregiver, guardian and family member of a MHS student. The Family Council meets each month, to:

  • Share information and discuss timely issues
  • Coordinate parent volunteer opportunities
  • Arrange school events and fundraisers
  • Support orientation for new families