The Mission Hill School is a Boston Public Pilot School serving approximately 250 children, ages 3-14 (grades K0-8). The small learning community emphasizes a project-based, collaborative curriculum, inclusive of all learning abilities. MHS was founded in 1997 by educator and author Deborah Meier and is modeled on democratic principles. In 2012, the school community relocated to the Jamaica Plain neighborhood of Boston.


  • April 20-24, 2015: April Break-NO SCHOOL
  • Monday, April 27, 2015: Grades 3/4 to Farm School
    Tuesday, April 28, 2015: Grades 1/2 to Farm School
  • Wednesday, April 29, 2015: New England Mobile Vision Van at MHS (see 4/17/15 newsletter or call Courtney Bruno for more details).
  • Good Morning Mission Hill: The Freedom to Teach, The Freedom to Learn, a documentary about MHS is here!
    Copies are available in the MHS main office for $20 or Online
    Find out where to watch!