Family Council

Who is the Family Council?
All adults who are part of the Mission Hill School community are part of the Family Council. Family Council plans, hosts and attends events that support our network of families as well as the school. Family Council members act as organizers, supporters, leaders, learners, teachers and collaborators in a variety of ways. Everyone has something to offer.

New! Meeting Minutes!
Minutes from January 12, 2017

Upcoming events and opportunities

  • Family Council Meetings
  • Annual MHS family project
  • MHS Family Directory Production and Distribution
  • Teacher Appreciation Day
  • Field Day
  • Fundraising
  • Room Parent Opportunities
  • Classroom Volunteers

There are four elected positions for the Family Council

Co-Chairs (2) – Co-chairs plan and facilitate the bi-monthly meetings, serve on subcommittees, and meet with staff as needed

Secretary (1) – The secretary is responsible for taking notes during the bi-monthly meetings and sharing them with the Co-Chairs after the meeting.

Treasurer(1) – The treasurer is responsible for maintaining a record of the Family Council money and sharing this information as needed.

Please contact Courtney Bruno for more information: or 617-635-6384, ext. 211. All Family Council meetings are posted on the school website calendar.