A New Schoolyard and a Visit from Mayor Menino

On Friday, the entire MHS community celebrated our two new outdoor play spaces. We also had a special visitor: Mayor Menino! Wearing new green MHS t-shirts, students, staff, families, and visitors sang songs and enjoyed the beautiful warm weather. Special guests from BPS and the Boston Schoolyard Initiative joined the Mayor as he cut the red ribbon (held by two MHS students) with a pair of gold scissors!

Mayor Menino cuts the ribbon!

Mayor Menino cuts the ribbon!

Many thanks go to the Boston Schoolyard Initiative and the teams that designed these spaces. James Sessum and Nancy Leask from the City, Kathy D’Andrea, Jenerra Williams and Ayla Gavins as school staff members, and parents Jessica Parsons, Diane Abrams, and Deborah Gregson.

Families are fundraising to complete the project with an Outlast Block set for children to explore and play with. Donate to the project by visiting tinyurl.com/MHSyard. Thank you!

The Boston Neighborhood Network News reported about the event:

MHS on Roller Skates!

Last week, 200 MHS children, teachers, staff, and family members traveled by city bus to Chez Vous roller-skating rink in Dorchester. What followed was a morning full of nervous anticipation, (more than a few) falls, some tears, and a whole lot of excitement, pride, accomplishment, and joy.

Enjoy the slide show!

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How Wonderful to Feel Appreciated!

The following is from this week’s Room 105 newsletter column:

Wednesday was Teacher Appreciation Day! This is one of the only times during the year that all MHS adults stop collectively at lunchtime to sit, eat, chat and dare to relax for an hour. Families organize lunch fixings, which include main dishes, side dishes, various salads, fruits, drinks and the coveted desserts!


Teachers and staff have an opportunity to sit and eat together. Tables are thoughtfully decorated with flower arrangements AND families take over lunch and recess duties so that everyone may enjoy the amazing meal!

The variety of dishes was incredible. There was even a separate dessert table!

The variety of dishes was incredible. There was even a separate dessert table!


Families ALSO provide everyone on staff with a beautiful handmade gift. This year's was a handpainted cookie jar!

Families ALSO provide everyone on staff with a beautiful handmade gift. This year’s was a handpainted cookie jar!

Complete with cookies from our dear neighbors at Fiore's Bakery!

Complete with cookies from our dear neighbors at Fiore’s Bakery!

This year, more than most, it was awesome to have a few moments to stop, reflect and celebrate all that we have accomplished thus far. We have had a tremendous school year. We have successfully settled into our new home. We have welcomed new members- staff, students and families into our community. We have begun to establish new relationships with members of our surrounding community. Our moments of celebration on Wednesday were much appreciated yet there is a lot still to be done. There are curricula to be wrapped up and assessments to be made. Portfolios for 7th and 8th graders are about to begin. We have field trips planned and more end-of-the-year celebrations will take place. Report cards need to be written and rooms need to be packed up. As we move closer to the last day of school, our moments of celebration and appreciation push us on.

Thank you Mission Hill Families for the splendid Teacher Appreciation Day!

Acts of Kindness

Each week at Friday Share, the MHS community acknowledges people who have exemplified the Mission Hill Way (Be Kind, Work Hard). Acts of Kindness are submitted anonymously by students and staff on handwritten cards. Wheelock Intern, Kailah Simon, decided to take this a step further, by documenting Acts of Kindness by photographing them. Here is a selection of MHS Acts of Kindness from the first months of the school year.